Monday, August 13, 2012

Bridesmaid hair accessories

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hairpins dotted through hair is such a pretty look and I enjoy coming up with new ideas and designs. 

Often, these designs come about through conversations with clients. Sometimes I get to see the dress but usually we look at tiny fabric samples and chat about necklines and hemlines and the issues with getting more than one person to agree on a dress style!

These pins were designed for Siobhan (a solo bridesmaid) who wore a dress that was similar in colour to the background of this image - somewhere between grey, mauve and silver! The dress was beautifully structured with lots of clean lines and no embellishment. Siobhan just needed some delicate hair accessories to finish her look. She also chose a silver and amethyst, Rangoli crochet bracelet.

Have a look at some of my recent bridesmaid commissions including this hairpin for Olivia below. Let's get chatting about your ideas - I'd love to hear from you


Indian Wedding Planner said...

very nice blog.. happened to bump into you researching for chic wedding jewellary ideas, and I am not disappointed. Will be great to read from you more often.

Aisling Nelson said...

Thanks for taking the time to say hello and for your compliments on my blog - I appreciate it!

Jaipur Weddings said...

Rangoli jewellery is really nice.. I adore Aisling's work a lot.