Monday, July 8, 2013

The Open Door Supper Club

Monday, July 8, 2013

This post is absolutely nothing to do with weddings but everything to do with taking time out for you! If you're planning a wedding, you deserve some relaxing treats.

We all need more adventure in our lives don't we? When is the last time you dined with ten people you didn't know in a mystery house in the centre of Dublin? Recently, Ben and myself went to Aoife's 'Open Door Supper Club'. We had so much fun!

Over on Twitter, Aoife describes herself as a retired archaeologist, turned actor and supper club host. I want a CV like that! This creative lady has a true passion for cooking and combining unusual ingredients. Aoife hosts a monthly supper and tantalises readers of her blog with her upcoming menus.
"Once again the event will happen in my home, a Victorian era house, where you will sit alongside others - some friends, some strangers...strangers who will most likely be your friends by dessert! You will all be connected by the shared experience of going on a 7 course edible adventure ...and generally having a bit of craic."

This menu won me over straight away...

Rhubarb Schnapps on the Rocks

Sea Salt & Black Sesame Crackers with Dips

Le Start
Char Grilled Flat Breads 
with Aspargus & Cratloe Hill Sheeps Cheese

Palate Cleanser
Lemon Thyme Sorbet

Le Main 
Slow Cooked Commeragh Mountain Lamb Tagine

Le Sweet 
Iles Flottantes -Poached Meringue 
with Foraged Elder Flower Custard 
Goosegog Coulis & Praline

Le Fin
Herb Teas / Espresso
with Surprise Petits Fours

My favourite flavour memories included the rhubarb schnapps, (numero uno!), saffron yoghurt, lemon and thyme sorbet and guacamole with pomegranate jewels.

We got to meet a bunch of friendly and interesting new people. And it was by no means all couples. New courses kept appearing before us! All we had to do was pour ourselves some wine from the ice bucket. Once we got to the coffee and petit fours, Aoife and Shane joined us and we just chatted away like we knew them forever.

Aoife also caters for small private groups. It got me thinking about how great this would be for a mellow hen soiree. From talking to my clients, most would do anything to escape the typical hen antics.

Aoife's next supper club is on 27th July. If you hurry, you might be able to book a place. If not, make sure to follow her blog for details of her next tasty adventure. Aoife also caters for small private groups - imagine getting ten of your besties together for a no particular reason other than catching up and  eating delicious food. No washing up either! I highly recommend it.


Thanks for a great night, Aoife and Shane.

Find out more about The Open Door Supper Club on;
Aoife's Blog


Catherine said...

You have captured everything that was special about that evening, me too with the rhubarb schnapps!! What a beautiful blog:~)

Unknown said...

Thanks Catherine - I really appreciate your comment. (I have some Rhubarb Schnappes 'brewing' for the last couple of weeks! Aoife shared her recipe on her blog!) Congrats on posting your 200th post. Your blog is such a relaxing place to spend time...