Monday, May 18, 2009

Cake Opera

Monday, May 18, 2009

Eating Eurovision cup-cakes got me thinking of the wonderful art of cake decoration and how popular individual cakes have become as an alternative to traditional tiered wedding cakes! I came across an amazing cake website called Cake Opera Company, (pictured above), and love how Alexandria Pellegrino is inspired by both her background in Fine Art and Pastry as well as a passion for all things Venetian!

Alexandria explains how she chose the name for her cake business -

"The name Cake Opera Co. came to me in two ways...Opera, the Italian word for "life work" or opus seemed fitting at the time I was developing my company. Designing and creating exquisite cakes was the perfect marriage of my life long passion for the art and baking. Also, the word "cake" is so unpretentious and lovely while the word "Opera" is so theatrical and vibrant. Together they seem to conjure up a beautiful synthesis of magic and enchantment."

Check out the wonderful Cake Opera website... and read my follow-up article about Cake Opera and the amazing Dulce Delight.

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