Friday, August 24, 2012

Holidays and anniversaries!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Today is my last day before my holidays! Tomorrow myself and my hubby Ben are flying to Lisbon and travelling around Portugal for a couple of weeks. We'll be celebrating our ten year anniversary and a much longer 'being together' date... romance is definitely in the air!

Before I go, I thought I'd share a commission that I'm currently working on. I am designing a crochet hair-wrap to be worn with a gold Johanna Johnson dress called Satine. The dress is embellished with intricate embroidery which inspired me to sketch these drawings. The main fabric is a pale gold satin, featuring hand-beaded Parisian lace accents and a plunging back. You can see how the fabric in the dress floats and moves in a beautiful way.

Aoife has chosen a soft, half-up hairstyle and wanted something like a decorative ribbon to wear across her hair. Some of my beaded hairwires would have been lovely with this dress but the crochet wrap really brings out the sumptuous embroidery detail.

Rangoli sketch of Satine dress by Johanna Johnson

If you don't know already, I am a big fan of gold and this dress allowed me to delve into my collection of topaz and citrine coloured beads. The crochet, beaded vine, was inspired by the lace embroidery on the dress. The beaded vine tapers to one side of the head and will be worn like a hair-band.

Sketch of Rangoli crochet headpiece detail inspired by Johanna Johnson 'Satine' dress

This commission will have to wait until I get back from Portugal to be finished! I'll miss you all but will be back to share some photos and stories in a couple of weeks. If you want to see what inspires me while I'm on holidays, you can follow me on Instagram.


The studio will re-open on Monday 10th September. For anyone with an up-coming wedding, I have plenty of pieces available to purchase from stock on my return.


Eadaoin said...

This will be a stunning piece when it's finished Aisling, I love the golden colours. Your sketches are unique, you have a gorgeous style that gives a beautiful impression of what you're working on. I'd love to see more of them someday. What a talented woman you are! Happy anniversary to you, have a fantastic trip, enjoy the romance :)

Aisling Nelson said...

Thanks for that lovely comment Eadaoin! I'm just getting back into sketching recently as I studied illustration in college years ago and miss drawing. I get amazing daily inspiration for it in my job too :)