Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You make me laugh

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
This is a story without a picture. In fact it's a snippet of a conversation that I had with a client on Saturday.

Ciara came in to see me with her sister and her Mum. We were happily chatting away for a while before she told me how she had come across my designs.

The story began over a year and a half ago when Ciara was teaching her primary school kids. It was International Day and they were looking at different cultures. There were two Indian children in her class who wanted to make *Rangoli drawings. So Ciara did a Google search and came across my website. In her words, she got a bit sidetracked! She said that my designs were exactly what she had in mind for her wedding. So she saved the page and managed to remember me for all that time!

We seemed to spend that hour laughing a lot - in between fits of giggles, (all four of us), Ciara also told me that her visit with me was more enjoyable than choosing her dress... Could I love this girl any more? While beaming to myself, her sister Niamh helpfully added; 'Yes, you can't look fat in a headpiece'

I get to hear amazing stories, both serious and funny. People say that love makes the world go round. For me, it's the stories that do it every time. Ciara, thanks for allowing me to share yours!

*I'm often asked where my business name comes from - You can read about how I chose the name Rangoli for my business and what the word means.

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