Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paper Flower centrepieces

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
A quick post and inspiring thought for the day! Do you love colourful flowers and can't find a supplier for those botanical Helleborus Orientalis?! I spied this playful paper sculpture and thought it would make a great table centrepiece - graphic images carefully displayed on pins and low enough for your guests to see over.

This year I have three close friends getting married; all with tons of creative flair, (you know those arty types). Every time we meet up, they are burbling with ideas ranging from how to walk across fields in high heels to incorporating peacock feathers into their headpieces. Bring it on - it's going to be a memorable summer and I hope to share some snapshots of their weddings on the blog too.

I'm quite tempted to try out a project inspired by this - would anyone like to help me?

The delightful floral sculptures are by Anne Ten Donkelaar.

I'm a flower girl at heart. You can read lots of other posts about flowers from my archives.


Aga said...

Aisling, you are going to make a great flower girl for all those weddings!

Aisling Nelson said...

Well Aga - I'm not sure they'd let me! They have very specific ideas in mind already... and they're being very secretive about them.