Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unusual table centrepieces

Thursday, November 17, 2011
For me, inspiration is not just about looking at jewellery and hair accessory trends.  I am immersed in the prettiness of weddings and get to see amazing details and ideas that reflect the personalities of couples getting married.

 {image via DustJacketAttic}

Lately I'm noticing much more natural flower displays And I am always collecting pics that inspire me. One of my favourite resources is Pinterest. If you haven't signed up, go do it immediately! Be prepared to be addicted though :-) This site allows you to create a virtual scrapbook of ideas and follow other creative pinners.

 {image via HeyLook - see the diy tutorial}

This centre-piece looks like it was plucked from the forest! Just shows that you don't necessarily need lots of flowers - greenery is so striking when you just add a small blast of colour. It might surprise you to know that this floral sculpture could be the starting point for a beaded hair vine! I'm a nature girl at heart.

 {image via TheLoviestDay}

Posies are so pretty too. How simple is this one with the surprise of a couple of red roses? I'm really into asymmetric designs at the moment and think this bouquet is quirky and so delicate at the same time.

You can follow Rangoli on Pinterest. I have lots of albums there including one on Yummy Hairstyles. Let me know if you sign up!


naoise said...

adore those centrepieces. so simple and understated but so elegant. great finds!

Aisling said...

Thanks Naoise - fellow Pinterest addict!

Sandra Wood said...

Fabulous decor. The flowers are stunning, especially red roses.

Aisling said...

Thanks for your comment Sandra! Glad you find them inspiring too.