Friday, December 2, 2011

Arsenic and cheesecake...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Just imagine...'Cake Week' - An open invitation to visit Noel and Aga from White Tea photography, sit in their lovely, (calming white and grey) studio, chatting about this and that and being served up fluffy white, (more on this theme in a moment), vanilla cheesecake with warm salted caramel sauce. All washed down with ginger green tea. How could you turn down an invitation like that?

Even better still, all invitees were asked to vote on which cake Aga would make for the week. (I did vote for the plum but was sooo happy with the winner!)

I also finally got to meet Arsenic - Aga's adorable and huge Siberian cat. Obviously the best white accessory in the studio and capable of taking over the entire couch. Myself and Marie from Finer Details were allowed to share it... just about!

Mmm, the warm salted caramel sauce was sprinkled with rock salt

What a lovely afternoon - Thanks Aga and Noel. Congrats also on being voted 'Photographers of the Year' by your photography peer group. So well deserved.

Check out Aga and Noel's website and facebook page.


Marie said...

I was delighted to be in such great company. Cake was delicious. But I have to say 'Arsenic' stole the show. I want the cat!

Aisling said...

So true Marie - I think Aga should take him to her weddings on a long rhinestone leash...