Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Joanne (the twirling bride) marries Mark!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How cool is this image? I saw this photo on Dave Mc Clelland's Facebook page and commented on it... that was before I discovered that this was Joanne; one of my lovely brides. I raced over to Dave's blog to read his epic description of the day. It's quite a feat to create words that are as good as the images. This guy can tell a story in more than one way.

OK girls, how many of you would like to have a twirly whirly pic of you in your dress? I think this should be the new standard. We need a 360° of our dress surely?

So, spinning for our pleasure today is Joanne! As her photographer Dave says "If I had to sum up Joanne in one word it would be Happy". Joanne, I had so much fun when you visited my studio with your friend AnnMarie (who is also seen twirling below!) And I'm thrilled that you're here to tell us about your brilliant wedding day. Congratulations to yourself and Mark.

"Mark proposed to me the night we moved into our new house as I was sitting on the couch watching Coronation Street! Not many people might think that's romantic but for me it was the perfect proposal as it was just the two of us, I would have been mortified with a big public proposal in a restaurant so he knows me well!

When the wedding planning started, we didn't have to take too long choosing a venue as we had been to Killashee House in Naas for a friend's wedding a few years ago and loved everything about it. The hotel also has a gorgeous civil ceremony room so everything worked out great with our plans!"

"I first called to Aisling about six months before the wedding with my bridesmaid AnneMarie. I was a bit apprehensive as I'm completely clueless when it comes to things like hairpieces and I wasn't even 100% sure of the hairstyle I wanted! There was no need to worry though as within 10 minutes of being in Aisling's beautiful studio, she had my hair styled in the shape I was thinking (I wasn't much help as all I said was a "side bun type thing"!) and loads of different haircomb options.

We chose a gorgeous pearl and rhinestone haircomb which I ended up wearing with a birdcage veil, it was great as I could take the veil off later in the night and still had the haircomb to wear. Aisling also made a lovely pearl bracelet for me which I know I'll wear many times in the future!"

"My favourite moment of the day was our "first look" where I met Mark in the bridal suite before the ceremony. It was quite emotional seeing each other all dressed up and there were a couple of tears! This was a nice chance for a few minutes together before all the madness and I think if I had to give any piece of advice to brides and grooms it would be to make sure you have some moments alone throughout the day to remember why you're both there!"

"Our wedding day turned out to be quite a relaxed and really fun day. We both stayed in the hotel the night before with some of our friends and family so we didn't have to get up early or travel anywhere that morning. We were getting ready in two separate rooms and my morning really was stress-free with hair and makeup by Sinead at The Hair Mob and Claire Noonan, no need to worry with those two in charge!"

"Our photographer David McClelland was so easy to have around and we have amazing photos to look back on that captured our day so well. We met when I was bridesmaid for AnneMarie a couple of years ago and loved his informal reportage style. As our ceremony wasn't until 3.30pm there was plenty of time for getting ready and lots of friends and family calling to the room for a glass of bubbly!"

"The whole day was a blur of emotion, laughter, fun and dancing. It's crazy because it's the only day that nearly everyone you know will be in one room so it's quite overwhelming that they're all there for you!"

Joanne, thanks for telling us all about your day. If it was a quarter as good as your photos, it must have been an epic day! I highly recommend that you all now visit David Mc Clelland's blog to see loads more fantastic photos and hear his side of the story.

Thanks to each and every one of you who share memories of your day with me and my readers. You can read more Rangoli bride stories here on the blog.

Photography: David Mc Clelland
Jewellery and headpiece: Aisling from Rangoli
Hair: Sinead Gaffney with The Hair Mob
Makeup: Claire Noonan
Cremony and Reception Venue: Killashee House Hotel


Amy ✈ Fly Away Bride said...

The jewelry and headpiece suits this bride's look to a T Aisling! I LOVE the pearl bracelet!

Unknown said...

Ah thanks Amy - that's lovely to hear! Joanne was a dream to design for and it makes me so happy to see how everything came together on the day.

Michael Wall said...

They both look so happy. Twirling? Who wouldn't want to when you look that stunning :-)