Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rangoli competition winner

Thursday, July 8, 2010
At last I can share the finished headpiece design that I made for Teresa, the winner of one of my recent Rangoli competitions. If you haven't read my previous posts, I can tell you that Teresa's winning entry inspired me with images of a gorgeous outfit that she wanted me to design a bespoke headpiece for.

After our first meeting, we had both decided the form that the headpiece would take. Teresa loved the idea of a small brooch-style detail on a narrow Alice-band. She liked how the hair-band had a function and held her hair in place when it was down.

Once the size of the side feature was chosen and the beading colours selected, it was time for me to start having fun. Really...this is my *job* and I get to do what I love every day :-)

Here are some initial sketches I did that show the flowing lines of the dress...

as well as scale and design of the headpiece...

...and the rhinestone shoe decoration

Often when I am designing, I get carried away and start experimenting with different beaded shapes and forms until I feel like I have achieved the perfect balance. Teresa had given me free reign to design a headpiece based on the forms and colours she had chosen.

So here is the finished headpiece. It is dramatic yet understated, bold and black with plenty of rhinestone sparkle. It's a 'going to the theatre' or 'going for coffee' type of headpiece! And I love how Teresa immediately thought of wearing it going out that evening with friends rather than waiting for those 'special' occasions that are coming up.
I absolutely love the hair piece you designed for me, thank you so much. I can't wait to wear it loads!

Thanks again
You're welcome Teresa - I thoroughly enjoyed designing this piece for you and I hope you get lots of enjoyment from wearing it.

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Shirley Kelly said...

I think the simplicity of this design is the element that makes this headdress a heirloom. She can pass this one down to her daughter years from now and it will still be stunning.