Monday, May 24, 2010

Meeting Teresa - my second competition winner

Monday, May 24, 2010
Anyone following my blog or Rangoli Facebook page will know that I recently sponsored two competitions to win a bespoke headpiece. You have already met Esme who I am designing a bridal headpiece for. Now it is time to meet Teresa. Teresa is one of my past clients and I am delighted to be designing a headpiece for her to wear with one of her favourite dresses.

Above is a lovely photo from Teresa and Gary's wedding day. Teresa wore spiral Rangoli hairpins and a matching drop pendant.
Teresa visited my studio on Saturday with her husband Gary. I got to see her gorgeous dress and sparkly Luciano Padovan peep toe shoes. Those shoes really are pretty :-)

We chatted about what ideas Teresa had for a headpiece. We discussed the type of events that she has planned to wear the outfit - both a Christening and a 40th wedding anniversary. Teresa had an idea for a fine hairband which would have an additional benefit of keeping her hair in place. She liked the idea of a feature piece to the side.

I shared my thoughts about her dress - that it is elegant and beautifully simple. The fabric is very flowy and yet the dress has definite lines to it. There is no embellishment. I suggested leaving pink out of the piece and working with silver, rhinestone and introducing some black. By coordinating the headpiece and shoes, you allow the dress to stand out as the main element.

So we tried on lots of narrow band variations from beaded hairwires to rhinestone alice-bands. I showed Teresa how any number of design forms could be attached to the side of this style. With a petite face, she wants a neat and under-stated piece. This has been the case with both of my winners and really emphasises how the Rangoli style is about an under-stated glamour!

Watch this space to see the type of ideas that I come up with for Teresa in the coming weeks. This is a project I can't wait to get started on.

Photo credit:
Wedding photo by Lesley Smith

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Dina said...

I really like how pretty those shoes are!