Monday, November 26, 2012

Rangoli bride Ciara

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ciara, I'll always remember the afternoon you visited my studio with your Mum and sister. I think we laughed for an hour and a half. It was clear that you were not going to stress over your wedding planning. And your sister was so helpful with her advice "You can't look fat in a headpiece"! You really had to be there to fully appreciate Niamh's nugget of wisdom :-)

Do you know what one of the best parts of my job is? It's opening an email or envelope and getting to see how everything turned out on the day. Your kind words are the best reward ever. Here's Ciara to tell us about her wedding to Kevin. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

"Aisling, I just wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful creations that made me feel like a princess the day of the wedding.  I feel like there may have been divine intervention that I Googled Rangoli two years ago. So many of my friends and family were blown away by the hair wire and the earrings and an ex-boyfriend of mine that was at the wedding remarked on the hair wire several times saying how beautiful it was, so even men appreciate your talent! Thanks again for making my day so special and for a fantastic time in your studio in January."

"I think we had the only sunny day in Kerry after weeks of torrential rain so we were so lucky that we could go to the beach after the windmill and then up to the Connor Pass on the way to Dingle.  The photographer Riona is a genius and loves to take different types of pictures, so she convinced me to climb a very high rock across a little stream and sit right in front of a waterfall.  Riona always insists on brides and bridesmaids wearing flip flops for photographs so it made the climbing a bit easier!!

It really was one of the best days of my life and its all the simple little things such as being able to have my my own little touches and our own personality put into the wedding.  I think maybe some couples alienate themselves from their own wedding by getting too stressed out, but Kevin and I really enjoyed all the planning and I can honestly say we made sure we had a sense of humour about the whole thing."

Thank you Ciara - I hope we'll meet again some day for another dose of giggles!

Ciara wore my Rangoli Brooch hairwire and matching pearl and rhinestone drop earrings. Her beautiful flowers were by Best of Buds and photos from Riona MacMonagle.

Photo credits: 
Photographer:Riona MacMonagle
Flowers by Best of Buds


Ivy Long, Edera Jewelry said...

What a nice compliment! The hair vine looks beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hi Ivy - thanks so much for your comment. I've seen some beautiful new designs of yours on Facebook recently! I hope all is good with you.

Unknown said...

Aisling, I think we can all agree Ciara didn't look fat in her hair wire :) She was a dream bride on the day and us bridesmaids barely had to lift a finger! Shes throwing herself head first into helping me plan my wedding now and she's a million times better than Franc or any other wedding planner!

Unknown said...

Hey Niamh - I'd say you two are having a blast planning your wedding now! Who needs Franc when you have Ciara? I'm relying on you both to keep me informed of any random wedding-related hilarity :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million Aisling, it's so lovely to be able to relive the day for a while xx Ciara

Unknown said...

You're welcome Ciara - thanks for letting me share your photos and story x

Carrie said...

How lucky are we to work with such amazing brides and their families Aisling! Ciara you were a sweetheart and I loved working with you and Kevin!
I heard the story about your bouquet mysteriously going AWOL over the Conor's Pass! Look forward to catching up with you soon and congratulations to yourself and Kevin!
Lots of love,
Carrie x