Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'Save the date' ideas

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Imagine in your head, fourteen years of bridal research and then banish any ideas that *you* might be a bridezilla. That's how long I have been keeping up to date with the latest wedding trends. And, the truth; I still love it!

So while I am researching hairstyle, hemlines and jewels,  I come across quirky ideas that I love sharing with you. In a previous life, I was a graphic designer so I have never lost my love of all things paper + print.

Today's post is about messages that you send to guests in the post. It's rare that any of us receive handwritten cards or letters any more so it's really special to receive a nicely designed invitation. Today I'm talking about 'Save the date' ideas.

First up are these 'Polaposts'. These turn regular photos into Polaroid prints by inserting them into a white bordered sleeve. There's a seal to keep them from slipping and you can write messages on the backside. Please send me one if you choose this option :)


Next, a really cool map envelope liner which was photographed by David McClelland at one of his recent weddings. I'm guessing that the envelope opens up to reveal the location to the wedding. I like a bit of interaction! Endless possibilities here -

And finally (and most importantly), a ''Save the date' from my good friend Caroline. The anticipation is building for this 'Vintge Circus' themed wedding. Last time I visited her house, the table was covered in a sea of glitter, miniature ponies, glue-guns and stripy ribbons!

What are your thoughts on the 'Save the Date' idea? Do you think it's fun or totally unnecessary? Go on, spill the beans. You might also like to check out my 'Wedding Inspiration' board on Pinterest.

Image credits:
Polapost - via Photojojo
Envelope liner by David McClelland


C said...

i've heard of someone sending out fridge magnets for save the dates, i always thought that was a cute idea... least you know they'll remember you when they see your face/ date on the fridge everyday!

Aisling Nelson said...

So true! It's a pity that fridges are really the only place you can stick these magnets. I suppose a dishwasher is not much better either :)