Monday, December 13, 2010

'Three things' 2

Monday, December 13, 2010
The 'Three things' series is about things that inspire me to design. This is a visual diary of images I love... might be a colour, a form or simply something that triggers a happy emotion. Welcome to my world - I hope you enjoy leafing through my visual diary!

My inspiration selection today has a theme of transparency. I have a fascination for delicate things which is carried into my designs. I love layering of colours as well as things that have dream-like qualities.

This first image is an installation made with coloured twine. It is titled Feathered Edge by Ball Nogues.

I've picked the second image because it is so magical. I love the delicate colours and can imagine this bubble sailing upwards in the sky!

And finally an image of Nalalie Portman in a delicate, transparent, lace dress. So feminine.

I'd love to hear about your style-files or other ways for gathering and storing visual ideas!

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Image source and credits -
Feathered Edge installation
Bubble photograph
Natalie Portman image via

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