Monday, September 27, 2010

Something blue...{and red}

Monday, September 27, 2010
Time for a little bit of French love and what could be more French than a blue Eiffel Tower or blue and red stripy airmail envelopes...

How about blue and red shoes by Christian Louboutin the French king of shoe couture?

Yes, the man renowned for his sexy red-soled shoes has designed several pairs of gorgeous blue shoes with his signature rouge soles. I love this combination - the traditional element of 'something blue' combined with an un-expected dramatic splash of red.

As a child, Louboutin would regularly sneak out of school, from the age of twelve, to watch the showgirls at Paris nightclubs, because he was fascinated by their costumes. He cites this as his main inspiration for becoming a shoe designer.
Here's a quote from his Wikipedia page -

"The showgirls influenced me a lot. If you like high heels, it's really the ultimate high heel - it's all about the legs, how they carry themselves, the embellishment of the body. They are the ultimate icons."

And finally, surely the Queen of couture shoes - the wonderful Vivienne Westwood. These are her Lady Dragon Heart plastic shoes from her Summer 2009 collection. Lady Dragon heart - it's all in the name really isn't it?

For more info visit the Christian Louboutin website or Vivienne Westwood website.
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