Friday, May 14, 2010

Designers' Favourite Wedding Dress

Friday, May 14, 2010
There are lots of reasons why I started blogging but one of the main ones was to share my passion for designing and making jewellery and headpieces. I have been in business for thirteen years now and I haven't lost any of my enthusiasm for my art - in fact it's continually growing.

I came across this article about dress designers favourite dresses this season and love how they describe their creations - the choice of language is so different for each person. Read some of the descriptions below and see what you think. Wouldn't it be lovely if the gown you chose came with a few words from its designer?

Above Vera Wang: Look #4
"I love this frothy gown of extreme delicacy tinted of lavender and silver grey because it inspires a certain gaiety and youthful spirit. Its bodice of beautiful floral embroideries provide a charming counterpoint to the more sophisticated architectural pieces.”

Above Claire Pettibone: Queen Anne's Lace Dress
"This dress epitomizes the collection for me. Itʼs soft, sweet and very romantic. I love the gentleness of this dress. Itʼs simple, yet extremely special. I love its quiet feeling."

Above - Reem Acra: I am the One and Only Gown
"This dress represents todayʼs girl. Itʼs everything a bride is right now. Sheʼs sexy, young and fresh. She understands fashion and wants the influence from ready-to-wear. She loves the red carpet look. This dress is what my brides are asking for."
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Suzanne said...

I absolutely adore the 2nd dress -- so feminine and delicate!