Friday, May 7, 2010

Confetti shower

Friday, May 7, 2010
Certain things capture my imagination and I love a little bit of magic! Throwing confetti is such a romantic tradition - it's like a sprinkling of fairy dust...

This ancient tradition has been around since Roman times when grains such as wheat were part of the ceremony. More recently, rice was thrown at the bridal couple to symbolise fertility and prosperity.

There are so many varieties of confetti available now including freeze-dried petals which make a lovely natural alternative. Just make sure your photographer is ready to capture the moment!

And below are two beautiful collages by artist Michelle Caplan- I am a fan of Michelle's art and have purchased one of her pieces for my showroom. To me, both backgrounds remind me of colourful confetti! Maybe I should ask Michelle about her inspiration for these pieces...

Photo credits -
Top image - The Green Vase,
Mosaic: Top left - via We Heart It, Middle - The green Wedding Shop, Bottom - via We Heart it , Right - Brooke Schwab. (Both wedding couple shots found on Once Wed)
Two collages by Michelle Caplan


Sovina said...

Hey..didn't know that western weddings too have this tradition. This is a very popular tradition in India. Rice is thrown at the couple at the end of the ceremony..

Aisling said...

Hi Sovina - it's not allowed in every venue but it's a tradition that I love :-) Please email me any pictures you have of rice confetti at an Indian wedding ~