Monday, May 17, 2010

Short bridal hairstyes

Monday, May 17, 2010
There are lots of girls out there with short hair, (myself included) - so why is it that most bridal websites and magazines only seem to feature long-haired brides? Some women even spend years growing their hair only to cut it immediately after the wedding! Why is long hair seen as being more 'bridal' and feminine when there are gorgeous short hairstyles and accessories to suit them?

I have designed hair accessories for all different hairstyles but love having the opportunity to design pieces for short hair. There are lots of options including delicate hairwires, fine Alice-bands, crochet ribbons and vintage brooch combs.

My advice for anyone planning a wedding look is to be true to your own style. If you have a gorgeous short hairstyle - work with it! Talk to your stylist well in advance and come up with a plan for growing out or maintaining layers. You can always create a more glamorous version of your daytime style. I'd love to hear feedback from some short-haired readers too!

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Sovina said...

I like short hair (though right now i have them pretty long)..short and a little bouncy would be perfect for wedding.