Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let me introduce you

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's time for you to meet and get to know Esme - who has won a bespoke Rangoli headpiece for her wedding day!

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of your entries and seeing the special elements that you have chosen. I know that I have a really cool job - how many people get to look at pictures of gorgeous dresses every day? But in all honesty, the bit that I enjoy most is meeting and getting to know my individual clients. I hope that I can share some of the fun and creative elements of my job with you so you can see what it is like to have a piece designed for a special occasion.

So let's meet Esme! Esme wowed me with her romantic storyboard for her Ibiza wedding. Herself and her fiancée have been going on holiday to Ibiza for many years on holiday and love the relaxed, and mystical ambience the island offers. So it was the ideal choice for their wedding venue!

I asked Esme if she could sum up the style of celebration they wanted to have.
The style of the wedding is Grecian inspired and we are hoping for a relaxed wedding with a Mediterranean vibe.

Did this have an impact on the style of dress you chose?
Definitely I wanted a dress that wouldn’t be too heavy in the sun but would be figure hugging and warm toned, so I wouldn’t blend in with the white church and villa we have booked for our reception.

Did you try on lots of dresses before picking this one?
No – it was love at first sight. I did try a few other dresses on but kept coming back to this one.
(The gown is a Vera Wang “Strapless bobinette over lame with empire line”. I will get to see the actual dress this week and will be able to share some more detailed pictures with you).

Esme is thinking of a hairstyle like the one Lauren Conrad is seen wearing in the image above.

And how about these glamorous Dune shoes?! They are called “Jezzy” and will add a lovely bit of sparkle to the look.

And finally, the images above and below are floral inspiration, including the beautiful petal confetti.

Esme has chosen Anoushka G “Lucinda” maxi dresses in coral colour for her bridesmaids.

Thanks to Esme for sharing some of her images with my readers. (The cake inspiration has to remain secret but her guests will get to see that on the day!)

I am meeting with Esme this week - together we will start discussing ideas about designing a beautiful headpiece for her to wear. I will be documenting the process here so sign up to my Facebook page for regular updates!

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