Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Style my wedding dress

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today I'm launching a brand new series on the blog. Here, I'll be sharing some the styling advice that I offer my customers when they visit my studio. So if you can't meet me in person, I can help you here! Most of you tell me that you need help and advice in choosing your accessories. And that's a really important part of my designing process. I start by getting to know you and then we look at your beautiful dress.

"Here's my top tip; stay true to your own personal style. Of course, you'll be a much more glamorous version of your everyday you but you should still be very much you! Does that make sense?"
I'm really excited about the first dress in this series. I've chosen the Bettina dress by Rembo Styling. It's from the 2013 collection. The series will cover a variety of different style dresses. Please get in touch if you'd like me to feature yours!

Bettina dress by Rembo Styling, 2013 collection

 So, first of all I'm going to start by describing this gorgeous dress in a bit more detail!

The style

This soft, romantic dress is contemporary in style. It is unstructured and slightly asymmetric. The silhouette is slim but not figure-hugging and there is no embellishment. The layered tulle folds create an organic and very natural feel.


The lines of this dress are so soft - it almost looks like a sketch. So much so, I grabbed my pencil and sketchbook! The delicate irregular folds along the neckline look like waves. If you have a look at the video below, you'll see that it was shot on a beach and the collection inspired by the sea.

My sketch of Bettina dress by Rembo Styling showing the delicate lines


I often use words with clients to describe dress styles. Sometimes a client may have chosen a dress and has an idea for accessories that I feel may be at odds with it. By using words to describe both things, it can highlight why things may not be a good match.

Here are my words to describe this gorgeous dress: floaty, whisper, transparent, layers, waves, soft, quiet, romantic, playful.


A quirky 'behind the scenes' video of the Rembo Styling 2013 collection


Advice on jewellery and accessories to match this dress

Everything about this dress is soft and romantic. I would suggest delicate and unstructured accessories. I would (and often!) say no to a necklace. The halter-neck straps create a neckline that jewellery would interfere with. I think a beaded hairwire or wrap would be perfect with this dress - something to mimic the soft waves in the dress. Alternatively a pair of long delicate earrings might be just enough with some small hairpins dotted through the hair. A fine or multi-stranded bracelet could also be an option. Remember, you don't have to go for every possible accessory option. Often (another favourite mantra) less is more. An example of something that I feel wouldn't work with this look would be a vintage rhinestone comb or chandelier earrings.


Although this is not my area of expertise, I have been looking at dresses and hairstyles for fifteen years now! I visualise the hair as another important element in the look. As crazy as it might sound, I think of hairstyles as sculptures. My skill is to design headpieces to suit the form of the hair. If someone hasn't had a hair trial, I'll often offer advice too.

I like the asymmetric braid that the model is wearing. There are lots of amazing variations on a soft or woven style which is up or down. The words that come to mind are soft and unstructured rather than defined or classic.

For hairstyle inspiration you might like to check out my Pinterest board called 'Yummy Hairstyles' as well as my photo albums on Facebook.

This ongoing blog feature is for you. I want to help you choose gorgeous accessories that you will love wearing! Please get in touch if you'd like to arrange a visit to my studio; I'd love to meet you and chat about your ideas! And if you can't meet me in person, I'd be delighted to offer you advice through this blog. Just email me a picture of your dress[aisling at rangoli dot ie] and I will come up with lots of suggestions and a string of words to describe your yummy dress :-)

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