Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun in the sun

Monday, March 26, 2012
What an amazing sun-filled weekend I had! I hope the sun shone for you too. I spent a good part of it hanging out in The Phoenix park with my hubbie as well as a spontaneous picnic with photographers Aga and Mary who covered their rug with tasty goodies. Aga even brought an ice-filled wine chiller for her *huge* bottle of wine. Awesome. Pity I was driving!

All this clock-changing and unexpected sunshine got me thinking about having fun and how we need to make room for lots of it in our lives! My two friends planning weddings this year definitely have it on their priority list.

These photos all made me smile. I've even started a 'Fun' board on Pinterest. Do you think weddings can sometimes be a bit too serious? Have you fun things in mind for your wedding? Please share x

Image credits:
Top: Tandom themed wedding. Photo by Rachel Thurston. Wedding feature via Green Wedding Shoes.
Middle: 'Not too serious' girly shot. Photo by Studio Castillero. See the full wedding.
Bottom: Peeping out. Photo by James Moes. See also my feature on James.


Aga said...

I think most weddings are way to serious! For me fun is one of the most important elements for any event.

Unknown said...

Well we all know that your middle name is 'fun' Aga. You need lessons in 'How to be realllllly serious' :-D

Aga said...

Hehe :) I might check if they are doing courses on that somewhere!