Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bridal hairstyle inspiration

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
It's that time of the year again when my summer and autumn brides are on the look-out for hairstyle inspiration. The hairstyle you choose will determine the look and style of your hair accessories - are you going classic or boho-tousled, up or down or somewhere in between?!

Even though I have short hair, it doesn't mean I can't dream of having a hairstyle like this...does it? Hair extensions are so good these days! Below is my alter ego on a train ride somewhere in Russia with a sharply dressed secret agent.

...and back to reality - I am always gathering images of pretty bridal hairstyles and have discovered a website called Pinterest which is amazing for visual inspiration. Once you have an account, you can save multiple style boards. The image below is from one of my boards called Yummy Hairstyles.

I also have folders of images on my Rangoli Facebook page. Check out the albums for Half-up hairstyles, Soft up-styles, and Short bridal hairstyles. Don't forget to look at the Rangoli Brides album too!

I've written lots of posts on hairstyles which are archived here. Have fun choosing your hairstyle and let me know if you'd like some advice on styling your bridal look!


brideandjoy said...

Ooh I love the retro style of the first pic - that is a serious beehive though! Plenty of food for thought there...

Unknown said...

Thanks Lisa - it's like a candy-floss sculpture but I still love it! Imagination is essential ~