Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"10 Things You Swoon Over" with Aisling Nelson

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
I have been invited to take part in a great collective project which has been lots of fun! Over the last few years, I have connected with so many creative bloggers and readers and now have lots of new 'online' friends that continually inspire and offer support.

Inspiration and creativity can sometimes be hard to describe but I was invited to write about ten things that I 'Swoon' over for the wonderful US blog Swoon. That sentence was inspiration enough :-) It didn't take me long to put together ten things that I love and illustrate them with amazing images.

Read about my ten favourite things or follow the series over on the Swoon blog.

A big thanks to Ann Nguyen for inviting me to be a gust-blogger - I had lots of fun putting the article together.

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Caroline Q said...

Ms Nelson.....Loved it dahling, simply loved : ) Excellant images, totally swoon worthy.