Monday, March 14, 2011

Stylefish wins the Dragon's hearts!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Today I want to send huge congratulations to Julie Cobbe who owns Stylefish and who stole the show on 'Dragons Den' last night! I've known Julie professionally for a few years and her passion for her business is contagious. She truly deserves the financial funding and business mentoring that she has secured. Watching Julie last night reminded me of how much I love running my own business and seeing the happiness that I can bring to other people. Here's a few words from Julie - you can read her full article on her website.

Julie's classes teach women of all ages how to discover their own personal style. It's all about gaining confidence in how you dress so you can feel great about yourself and enjoy shopping for clothes.
There are very few times in your life that you truly feel…this could be a life changing experience. Dragons Den for me was exactly that. Not ALL to do with the amazing response that we got from the Dragons but more so the emotion connected to actually getting on the show, from the decision to go for it to the interviews and the big day you are told you got on! It is a roller-coaster emotionally as a person & professionally! It makes you feel a new level of love for your business and the difference it makes in peoples live more than anything else in the world. We can all get lost in the day to day reality of running a business but to get the opportunity to look at the bigger picture is amazing. They say lots of things in life catch your eye but few really capture your heart and so I will say that style fish owns mine.

I set up my business for one reason. To provide a brand and service that puts a massive smile on women's faces and makes a difference to how they feel about their style. To show that beyond the magazines and the catwalks of the world, ‘style’ is about so much more than fashion and how what we wear and how we feel about our style has a massive knock on effect to every other area of our life. Your style is your story and our story included convincing Norah Casey & Gavin Duffy in exactly that. The difference style fish makes.

Rangoli is delighted to offer a 'Fishtastic Offer' to Stylefish members - I will design a pair of bespoke earrings valued at €80 with any order valued at €150 or more. Find out more about the perks of becoming a Stylish member as well as signing up for one of Julie's classes on the site too.

Oh and if you missed the show you can find it on the RTE player - it's well worth a watch!


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Congrats to them!

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That's brilliant, go the entrepreneurs!