Wednesday, November 17, 2010

White Tea Photobooth Video

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today I offer you a slide-show of pure emotions...

I'm a big fan of individuality especially when it comes to weddings. My favourite weddings are the ones where there is a strong sense of the couple's personalities and style. The day is memorable because you feel lots of warm fuzzy emotions! Recently though, there seems to be a huge emphasis on having the most unusual 'everything' for a wedding. Sometimes the emotion is lost in the quest for the most memorable 'things'.

So when I came across the work of White Tea Photography, I fell for their genuine and personal style. And when I watched the photo-booth session above, they made me laugh and have those fuzzy feelings even though I didn't know the couple or their wedding guests.

Aga and Noel set up White Tea Photography three years ago and I was intrigued by the unusual name - Here's Aga to explain...

White tea leaves come from the very top part of the tea plant, they are young and nutritious and are the the most precious part of the tea plant. We felt that it portrayed where we want to be in the wedding photography industry. From Day One we have had a big commitment to the quality of our products and services. Then on the other hand, we love tea and it is a very comforting drink too. It seemed to us that the untraditional name "White Tea" would combine our quirky nature and friendly approach, along with our commitment to providing each and every couple with the absolute best we can!

These photo-booth sessions can be part of the White Tea photography package. I've asked Aga to tell you more about how they work -

I suppose the difference between our photobooth and the one you can hire is that there is a human being behind the camera (myself or Noel) and we give people a little encouragement! It's a little studio, rather than a box, with professional studio lighting so it's as flattering as possible for everybody. Guests can drop by the booth in their own time, as often as they wish. They can come alone, with a loved one, an old pal, a new pal or a group of relatives they haven’t seen in years. Seeing as for the majority of the weddings we shoot we provide a full day's coverage where we stay until midnight, we usually set the photobooth after the meal is over and the guests begin to let their hair down :)

Thanks Aga and Noel - wishing you both continued success with White Tea!

Check out more of White Tea's photo-booth videos -

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