Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lavin Honeymoon suitcases

Saturday, November 6, 2010
Well, you'll need one won't you? And unless you're travelling with toy-sized Ryanair hand luggage, you'll want decent sized and very stylish luggage to see you through your first Mr & Mrs vacation...

This baby might be just what you're looking for. The Lavin Honeymoon Suitcase is not just a pretty case. We're talking a canvas suitcase with round corners and silver hardware. And there's more - once you open the case, you'll reveal its treasure of matching accessories. Your goody bag contains a matching printed cotton tote bag that has grosgrain handles, a small patterned drawstring bag, pompom-embellished raffia flip flops that come in one size and a large printed pareo. A pareo appears to be a sarong if I guess correctly :-) and those 'grosgrain' handles must be made of fancy-pants wood...

The price, (in small print) is €460, but I mean look at what you get for your money...
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Unknown said...

I am trying to think of more sensible reasons why I need this (cause I need it.) I mean, you could use it as a display piece at home, you will always have the smartest luggage and lookit, pretty!

Unknown said...

Hi Peters Girl

Thanks for your comment - these suitcases are verrry essential aren't they :-)and so practical, being white too!

I love your blog - and thanks for your lovely mention about my Rangoli designs.

Good luck with the rest of your wedding plans - it's lovely to read about your wedding ideas.

All the best