Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer lovin'

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Summer and sunshine, where have you gone? I'm feeling a little nostalgic for our barefoot BBQ days! So here are some lovely romantic sunny images to cheer us up on this overcast Tuesday... I'd like to be lying in one of those double hammocks with my hubbie right now, sheltering from the scorching rays :-)

Or how about this summer garden wedding featured on Style Unveiled? The theme was 'Antique Garden Party' and was inspired by Jane Austin style romance. The bride, Kelsey wanted to give this theme a twist and create an art deco-esque spin to it. - see the full wedding feature of Kelsey and Jake.

The setting was the San Diago Botanic Gardens - how perfect! As far as I know, our own National Botanic Gardens in Dublin are not available for wedding parties but they would make an amazing venue if they were.

Credits -
I found the top image via Green Wedding Shoes and it was taken by Carlie Statsky.
The Botanic Garden wedding was found on Weddings Unveiled and was photographed by
Jean Tsai.


Tink said...

This looks like such a romantic wedding. I've a couple of friends who had some of their wedding photos taken in our botantic gardens and they really are amazing images. The only problem is on Saturdays in the summer there can be three or four wedding parties queing up to get shots taken in the best spots.

Rangoli said...

AGH - could make an interesting group shot :-)