Monday, July 26, 2010

Edible diamonds

Monday, July 26, 2010
I met my sister for a coffee and cake in the Phoenix Park today. She is just back from an amazing cake decoration course in the UK with celebrity cake maker Debbie Brown.

So, while we were sipping our lattes, she casually mentioned that Debbie had told her about edible diamond decorations for cakes. These two words have been spinning around inside my head ever since she told me this afternoon. Tara runs a cupcake company called Cupcake Me and we are working on a 'sister project' which will involve a photo shoot of my jewellery with her pretty cakes. You can see all of Tara's recent creations on her facebook page too -

Some of them will have *edible diamonds* Just remember, you heard it here first :-)

(Ok, I admit that the pic above is of real diamonds)

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Alicepub Wedding Blog said...

Wow, they look shining and luxurious. I love them very much and want to taste all of them. They are really beautiful and seem to be a real diamond though they are just edible diamond decorations for cakes