Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Couples

Monday, March 15, 2010
Today I would like to celebrate happy couples...happy, married, beaming couples! In the hectic lead-up to your wedding, it can be easy to overlook the most important aspect of the day. All of the lovely details you choose will make your day memorable for both yourselves and your guests - but what they will remember forever is the look on your faces after you have been pronounced Mr and Mrs!

I love these pictures sent in to me by some recent Rangoli brides. The emotions they capture are really special. Thanks for sharing them with me.

Photographer credits, clockwise from top left - Ger lawlor, Ruth Foran, John Ryan and Bryan O'Brian.

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Anonymous said...

I Love the picture of the couple who are holding up small black boards with "Thank You" written on them. That is a fantastic idea for for using on a thank you card to give to guests after the wedding. BTw You have some amazing jewellery- well done!

Rangoli said...

Thanks for your comments - I love your stationery designs too!