Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rangoli Competition ~ Aisling designs for you

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
I'm really excited to be launching two competitions to win bespoke Rangoli headwear. Read more about the first competition on my facebook page.

Each day I get to see the most amazing gowns and outfits that inspire me to create. I want to share this exciting design process with you my readers! I'll be pulling back the curtains to reveal how much fun is involved in designing and having a bespoke Rangoli piece made.

I am offering one prize for my soon-to-be brides and another prize to some of my previous clients... (the second competition is just as exciting!)

Read about how to enter the first competition on my facebook page
- In the meantime start gathering pictures of all the beautiful details that inspired you to plan your wedding - gorgeous shoes, colour schemes, red carpet glamour, cocktails ~ whatever captures your imagination! And to all of my past clients, I will be announcing details of a competition to win a bespoke occasion headpiece for whatever occasion takes your fancy.

Have a look at some wonderful inspiration boards on StyleMePretty or read about some of my recent commissions.


Joanna said...

OMG! Love the lily of the valley bouquet!!! :)

Rangoli said...

Hi Joanna - I love it too! My mum had a similar bouquet for her wedding.

Netanya said...

Hi Aisling

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Aisling said...
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Rangoli said...

Netanya - Thanks for your interest in my blog. I'm sure my readers would love to check out your new bridal jewellery blog! I have also sent you a pm.

Best regards