Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage brooch bouquets

Sunday, April 17, 2011
Wow - it's amazing when someone you know surprises you with a hidden talent! I've got to know Lisa O'Dwyer, seen right, and her gorgeous photography in the last few months. She mentioned her love for all things vintage and how she was designing some vintage brooch bouquets.

Lisa is originally from Pennsylvania, but now living in Ireland with her husband and two children. Herself and her Mum, also a 'vintage everything' enthusiast, collect brooches and earrings from 1930s-50s designers such as Coro, Lisner, and Hollycraft.

What I especially love about the bouquet below is that Lisa sourced delicate blue vintage paper flowers that had been made in Occupied Japan. Like all things vintage, it's amazing to imagine the interesting stories associated with each piece.

"I had seen brooch bouquets on wedding blogs. I showed it to my mom and she said she wanted to try to make one. She is really good at crafts, and is an expert at stained glass and sewing. She bought the brooches in the US, and made two bouquets and sent them to me but I tore them apart because some of the wires were showing! So I made two types: one with the floral form and brooches and paper flowers and the other with silk hydrangeas and brooches. I used good quality antique brooches, nothing new or reproduction. They take around 6hrs to make. I have some more to make more bouquets, and I'm sure my mom will find some more brooches for me to use when I visit this summer".

Lisa has an Etsy shop called Starry Flower Love and would love her bouquets to be held and treasured forever by some Irish brides! Check out more images from Lisa's Easter-themed shoot...full of dreamy dresses and accessories and the fluffiest white rabbit!

Images by Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Lisa's Etsy shop - Starry Flower Love
Photo of Lisa by Christina Brosnan


Kismet Nakai said...

Oh those are pretty! Talented !!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Lisa! I really love vintage brooch bouquets!

Marie Bradley said...

I am a big fan of brooch bouquets. Lisa they are beautiful. It would be nice for brides to include their own found brooches too. I will recommend them to all my brides!

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous am I, I didn't realise that Lisa had made those herself!

Unknown said...

Multi-talented lady eh?!