Monday, November 22, 2010

Colour therapy for a grey day

Monday, November 22, 2010
It's so grey and wet outside today. As I sat in a coffee shop earlier, looking out the window, I realised that I love that heavy foreboding grey sky. The shade of grey that makes all other colours just pop alongside it.

Here's an image that I came across recently by the amazing Rodney Smith. What a dream-like scene and what magical and striking colours. I want to see what happens when this woman floats into the water but it's up to my imagination to visualise it! I suppose that what makes this image so engaging.

This blog is also about things that inspire me to design and colour is something that makes my heart sing, especially on a grey November day like today. And there's definitely some wedding colour palette inspiration in there too...


Ashley 2B James said...

I absolutely love the feel and look of this photo. It's so free spirited and carefree! it's so inspirational! Thanks for sharing!!

Aisling said...

Hi Ashley

Thanks - It's so magical isn't it? Glad you liked it and took the time to comment on my blog!

Good luck with your wedding planning too.