Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rangoli Bridesmaids bracelet

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Here is one of my recent bridesmaid commissions. The beautiful dress is by Alvina Valenta and was purchased from White Orchid. This picture really does not do the dress justice as it is the most rich vibrant olive green.

This bracelet is made from fine crochet and incorporates a variety of Swarovski and vintage crystal as well as freshwater pearl drops. This jewellery is so light and delicate to wear and suits the floaty style of this dress.

The bride, Mother of the bride and three bridesmaids will all be wearing Rangoli jewellery for the wedding and I'm looking forward to seeing some photos afterwards!

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Sovina said...

Love the bracelet...very chic and can be paired with anything.

Naoise said...

I love this bracelet, hang the bridesmaid I'll have it for myself :)

Rangoli said...

Naoise - I love that comment :-) Who needs bridesmaids eh? It's ALL about the bride.