Friday, April 30, 2010

Meeting Esme ~ Part two

Friday, April 30, 2010
It's been a few days since my last post about meeting up with Esme - the winner of a bespoke Rangoli bridal headpiece. I'm including images of her gorgeous Vera Wang dress above to remind you. Read my previous post about the visit to the showroom.
Once we got chatting, Esme was immediately able to define her own personal style as being elegant yet under-stated. We had looked at images of Grecian inspired headpieces to see what scale of piece she would like.

Then it was time for me to put Esme's hair up in a half-up hairstyle so she could visualise what the designs would look like on the day. It really does help to be able to see the accessories in a vaguely similar hairstyle to the one you plan to wear on the day.

The key words that kept coming up in our conversations were softness and simplicity. I started by trying on a narrow crochet ribbon which we laid across the hair behind the sleek front section and before the slightly back combed part of the hair. This piece is woven from fine gold crochet and incorporates a variety of pearls and crystal. Esme had never considered a piece like this but liked how simple yet elegant it was. She knew that she didn't want anything that resembled a tiara - A statement I hear often from clients! This style of hair decoration is very Grecian and can be made to meet at the back of the head or as a double length that can hang down through the hair. We tried this on with and without a veil and it looked great both ways.

I then showed Esme a variety of different crochet ribbon styles with different patterns and widths. She was always drawn back to the narrowest version though. We discussed and tried on some beaded hairwires which had detailed embellishment to one side. We also tried on lots of feature side pieces but Esme preferred the continuous even look of a narrow ribbon. It's so important to know your own personal style and I love how Esme wants to really look like herself on the day.

We compared this soft fluid look with a structured double hair-band. We both agreed that the double-band was too defined looking for her gown. Decorative side-pieces were ruled out too in favour of the more balanced look of the narrow band. The only other jewellery she is planning to wear is a pair of diamond studs and possible a discreet gold bracelet.

So over the course of our first meeting, Esme has found a form that she really likes and feels will complement her hairstyle and gown. I am going to make up some sample lengths using a variety of crochet stitches and bead combinations. I'm looking forward to designing these variations with her in mind.

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Zhenia Rac said...

What an amazing jewelry line! I absolutely love the variety of texture and simplicity of design! Very modern, yet soft and sophisticated with just the right amount of bling… Love it!!

Rangoli said...

Thanks Zhenia - I'm flattered by your description of my designs!