Monday, March 23, 2009

Bespoke Rangoli earrings

Monday, March 23, 2009

I recently had the opportunity to design a pair of earrings to go with an absolutely beautiful wedding dress. As you can imagine - I have a brilliant job, where I get to see pictures of gorgeous dresses every day. Amongst all these beautiful gowns, there is always one or two that really stand out and this dress appealed to me.

The designer Catherine Deane is Irish and the dress was purchased in Kalu in Naas. The fabric of the main part of the dress and sleeves are the softest silk organaza - transparent and so ethereal. The bodice had circular flower motifs which were like mini pom poms and the border trim was of embellished with tiny silver seed beads.

The dress is always the starting point in designing bridal accessories. Equally important is our own personal style. My client normally wears bold dramatic accessories so we looked at the elements in the dress and I felt it was important to feature a circular motif to match the decorative detail. I also suggested that cream pearls would complement the fabric colour. I introduced a little bit of Rhinestone for sparkle but kept the earring shape soft but defined. We were both really happy with the finished design!

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