Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rangoli shoes

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recently I took on a special commission to embellish a pair of shoes for a client to complement her beautiful Tyrell and Brennan wedding gown.

Bronwyn had found a pair of shoes with a shape and style that were almost perfect for her dress. However they had been decorated with beading and sequins that were too fussy. As well as this, the beading colours were the wrong tones for the fabric of the dress.

The shoes were unusual, in that the upper parts were made from a fine gauze. This meant that I could un-stitch the original beading. It was also a suitable material for me to secure beadwork onto as normally a leather shoe is too tough to be able to get a needle through.

These shoes became a labour of love - let's just say that I now know why most 'designer' shoes are made in places like China where labour hours are much cheaper. But I took the job on as it was challenging and fun. I had already designed a crochet headpiece and matching necklace to match the lace of Bronwyn's gown so I used the same Swarovski crystal and pearls to embellish the shoes. The shoes were the final and very glamorous finishing touch to her gorgeous look.

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