Monday, July 22, 2013

Rangoli fantasies

Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm almost speechless; I have another tab open with the Autumn/Winter collection of Alexander McQueen, on pause. If outrageous wishes were to come true, I would be working for this company; producing the most elaborately decorative body jewels and fashions {happily quaffing espressos to get me through my eighteen hour work days!} Alexander may be dead but his vision sears on.

This is a world of half fantasy, where feminine frills collide with Gothic armour. Listen to the words used to describe the collection; Sharp pressing, multiple folds, quintuple and dégradé pleats, soutache embroidery, triple bulleting, silk and metal thread embroideries, enamelled flowers and more.

This show was only seen by 150 invited guests; three showings with 50 people at each. Imagine receiving a golden ticket to this event?

If you have 5 minutes and 56 seconds to spare, sit back and enter the world of Alexander Mc Queen. Watch how the models glide in and out of the ornate, gilded rooms of the Opéra Comique.  The soundtrack is magical too.

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