Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'Cascade' crochet headpiece

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Monday is officially my day off but I sometimes check my in-box for any urgent messages. And yesterday morning there was a gem in wait for me! It's hard to explain how much I love seeing photos from client's weddings. I get to hear lots of gorgeous details about a wedding but I'm not involved on the day like photographers or hairstylists. So, it's great to see how everything comes together afterwards!

Thanks to Marie Hickey who styled Claire's hair recently. She was kind enough to send on these photos she took on the morning. I hope with Claire's permission to share some of her official wedding photos and stories with you soon.

Hair style by Marie Hickey

This is a new Rangoli design which illustrates my love of decorating the head in a delicate and natural way. As I said to Marie, this accessory involves a creative collaboration between myself and the hairstylist.  This piece can be worn in a number of different ways but I think it looks beautiful in this asymmetric side plait. The crochet strands are woven through the hair and cascade down the back of the head. The design features tiny Swarovski crystals and hundreds of seed beads.

 Rangoli crochet strand headpiece with Swarovski crystal

Of all my hair accesory designs, the beaded hairwires and crochet wraps are my favourite. I think of hair-styling as a form of sculpture and I love seeing how my designs are integrated into the style.

I want you girls to know that the hairstyle pictures you show me, inspire me to create new designs :-) So if you have a hairstyle in mind and are unsure how to accessorise it, I'm here to help you!

Check out some of Marie's real bride photos on her website, Bridal Hair by Marie. You might also like to read about some of my recent commissions or see some of my hairwire designs. And get in touch if you'd like to arrange to visit my Dublin studio!

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