Monday, July 16, 2012

Being yourself

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sometimes I see photos of a bride and I'm struck by how she just looks 'so herself' on her wedding day. I may have never met her but something of her individual style shines through.


This bride has this x factor. Of course she is stunning but that's not what I mean. I can imagine her wearing converse trainers and jeans and looking just as amazingly individual. When I'm chatting with clients, this is something that is really important to me. I want you to look and feel like a {more glamorous} version of your real, everyday self! Does that make sense? Sometimes people have a vision of what a bride 'should' look like but really it should be about what makes you feel really good and happy! That certainly doesn't mean that you can't be super-glam though :-)

Both Erin and Parker had a connection and love with the roaring twenties and so they chose a Great Gatsby theme for their wedding. Below is their 'first look' - how cool is that?!

These guys are just living this day to the hilt and enjoying a happy dance after their ceremony. It's the moments like this that you remember forever, especially when you have a great photographer on hand. But really, it's about being in the moment and just fully enjoying the party.

When asked for their advice for couple's planning their wedding, they proffered this great wisdom;

"Have a super Mother-of-the-Bride and a lot of amazing friends and family! :) We're so thankful we hit jackpot on this. Also keep in mind: people are more important than things."
I came across this poster on Pinterest recently and it sums this idea up so nicely don't you think?

Do you guys have any thoughts on this subject? How are you finding (or did you find) choosing your wedding fashion? I'd love to hear from you!

This amazing wedding was featured on Green Wedding Shoes - have a look at part one and part two. The wedding was photographed by Hugh Forte.

Image credits:
Erin and Parker's wedding by Hugh Forte
"Collect moments not things" poster, via Pinterest, (no credit)

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